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Creator :

Stars :

Melissa Bonne, Desmond Chiam, Poppy Montgomery, Ray Stevenson

Genre :

Crime, Drama

Release :


Rating :

6.8 from IMDb

Story :

A crime drama featuring main character Cat Chambers, a thief-turned-fixer for the governor of a stunning and seductive Pacific Island paradise. Impulsive, reckless and irresistible, Cat's less-than-perfect past gives her an instinctive gift for understanding crime and criminals as she becomes enmeshed in fast-paced, high octane adventures and island intrigue. Cat's reappearance also makes waves for old friends, enemies and lovers, including an FBI agent ex-husband, her imprisoned crime boss and a police detective lover who is in over his head. Each episode will be a character-driven cocktail of crime, surf, sex and sunshine, and for Cat, the lines between work and play have never been blurrier.

Last Updated :

S1E13 : Endgame

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