Respectively inform users:
Since its establishment in 2017, has received great support and love from you, which makes us extremely surprising and grateful! All of these have inspired us to insist on doing the best in service and customer experience. Our website has no revenue from the very beginning until today, your understanding and support have made us continuously strive to optimize performance and improve functions. However, with the growth of the website and the increase of users, we began to become unable to afford. We love this website, and I believe you do too. We hope it will continue to last, and we are extremely reluctant to let those who like it feel upset.

We have made the following decisions:
1. We will make permanent free. In order to partake the cost of the website, advertisements will appear on the basis of keeping the existing unchanged. (We will try our best to control the content and quantity of advertisements and avoid letting people feel uncomfortable).

2. For those who don't like advertising, Our VIP website is open :
There will be no advertisements here, but we will charge a certain fee and promise:
- There will be more video sections, such as sports, animation, variety arts
- Independent server, guaranteeing smooth bandwidth
- More preferential services

3. No matter what your choice is, we will be grateful for your support and trust. The profits will preferentially improve our website services, including hiring staff to enrich website content, adding more video categories, the matching works of video and subtitles in large quantities, continuing to develop APP, and completing more request of movie/tv show.

Soap2day Team 2019.9

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